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Welcome to the home page of Wisdom Multimedia which will be closing in early 2018

I should like to thank all my customers past, present and [if you are quick!] future for their business and, at times when I was also working full time, patience. I have enjoyed working with and for you and wish you all well for the future. I intend to grow the photography business and ensure that I have a good stock of photographs lodged with agencies to, hopefully, supplement my pensions when I finally fully retire. I will also have time to concentrate on other aspects of the work such as extending my involvement with galleries, calendars, greeting cards and clocks.

The business was created with the intention of producing low cost, high quality multimedia training material. Initially concentrating on sports, in particular cricket, this was widened to include business requirements. Most of our work was produced to customer's specifications and so was not on general sale however some products were available for purchase.
Having hosted a few simple web sites for charities and sports clubs a move was made into hosting for businesses.
Having trained and worked as a Senior Firer for various professional firework display companies I joined The Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians and started providing my own "firer" shows through one of the companies.
Photography was added to the portfolio through CJEPhotos mainly in the fields of sport and news coverage.
Wisdom Multimedia entered the book market publishing our first book - Whitley Warriors 2008/09 : A Season in Pictures.
With a birthday containing a zero due in early 2017 I started to look at winding the multimedia business down. I had retired from my full time job in IT in 2008; technology has moved on and I no longer have the knowledge to compete with the new offerings social media brings. All existing customers have either been introduced to other companies or no longer require the services I was able to provide.
I will be concentrating on the photography side of the business and completing the handover of IT related business. I also intend to use up the last ISBN numbers by publishing three further books.
I will run my last cricket scorers course for the Northumberland Association before handing over to someone else. I will not be updating the course material after this time.

Finally, if anyone should need to get in touch with me please e-mail colin@cjephotos.co.uk.

This web site will finally be removed when the domain name comes up for renewal or, if anyone would like to buy the domain name please get in touch.

Colin Edwards
October 2016

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Wisdom Multimedia was formed by Colin Edwards in 1998 as a Sole Trader
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